by Jelena Spaic

Like The Last Man on the Earth, in Mission Impossible, armed with cartridge belt of mouth organ, metal armour of ribbed dolly, drums, guitar and memories of black & white heroes of adolescence, John Schooley and His One Man Band will jerk public out of trance from Belgrade in Dom Omladine (Belgrade Youth Cultural Centre), 2nd October.He will kick the drums, shaking himself while he plays guitar like in religious ecstasy, screaming and pulsating. One by one he will crunch by his teeth mouth organ, without giving the permision to disrupt us by one more working week in which begin this entusiastic man standing. More about show on

This senteces are from some "notable magazine":

Can you hear that steam whistle blow? It's John Schooley, man and band. This is a travelin' album – by rail, by wheel, by wood, and coal. No jet engines here, only industrial sweat and steel. Southern blues stripped to the bare essentials, John Schooley & His One Man Band multitasks like a train-jumper circa 1938 .Playing all the instruments on the album save cello and mandolin, Schooley grinds it out just the same live: guitar across his lap, foot on the kick drum, harp round his neck. He begs for a moonshine-serving sweatbox.

Razorcake Perfect flawless synthesis of the gleeful lawlessness of Hazil Adkins, the frantic stomp of Doo Rag/Bob Log III and the gut-wrenching power of the Immortal Lee County Killers.