by Aleksandrija Ajdukovic

Zoran Kesic's show PROGRAM BREAK on Belgrade TV Metropolis parodies all TV programs. It is science fiction, a comedy and a talk show at the same time. The essential thing about PROGRAM BREAK is Kesic’s sense of humour, shared by all the guests he invites in his studio. In one of his latest shows, there was a report on his experience after he had decided to work as a nude model in a drawing school. He discussed this phenomenon with his fellow models in the school; he interviewed them while walking in the streets. A young woman said: I’D LIKE TO TRY EVERYTHING. I DON’T WANT TO REGRET ONE DAY FOR NOT HAVING TRIED EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE! And when Kesic posed a question to an older gentleman: ISN’T IT LATE FOR A MAN OF YOUR AGE TO DO THAT,,, the gentleman remarked: NO! IT’S NOT LATE. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!



Reality is an idea or symbol created by art, culture and media. Computer generated images replace the impulsive/natural look: a constructed sign is successful if it can be perceived in an instant.
With a strategy of simplification, toylike stylization and at the same time an attentive selection of details that correspond to the mainstream gaze of the "curious tourist", famous British artist Julian Opie returns a feeling of reality to the screen look. The "surplus of value" that Opie creates in his art is the subjectivity of the way he sees objects - as things that the public can recognise.
Known through works in traditional media: painting, objects, sculpture, Opie's opus actually lies interlaced between the virtual and the real, creating an alienating but at the same time infantile and harmless space.- MANIK

Edited by Rob Myers


by Jelena Spaic

GET READY FOR THE GAME! The ShockCorridor show is about to begin on Belgrade Art TV, in just a few minutes!
We are appealing to all unstable and weak hearted to turn their heads from TV screens, children are asked to go to childrenrooms, religious should strengthen their faith in prayers, credulous should hold their amulets tighter than ever, vain should get rid of their mirrors, ‘cause it might not show any reflection, those with Oedipus complex should stick to their loving mothers, ‘cause pedophiles will buttress their authority by mentioning the name of St. Pahomije, cripples won’t take part in the Oscar race, murderers won’t turn out to be good guys in the end, acid consumer will put Lydia Lunch’s sexual fantasies on tape, the cocaine montage of five-minute Faust will change James Brown – which, in turn, will go unnoticed by Priest Cira/Spira because of Saca, whose inner organs will be pulled out through his rectum by an anonymous Japanese, just to punish him for having glanced at the "beautiful Pastor's daughter". ShockCorridor should be written in Byzantine font!! Authors of TV show: Aleksandar Radivojevic & Nenad Bekvalac