She Said ,,,

by Aleksandar Delibasic

HASIL ADKINS, one of the most celebrated one-man bands, PASSED AWAY last Monday. This hillbilly, who has lived in the hills of West Virginia, constructed his first toy guitar out of a washbowl and ironing board. Later on, already in the mid fifties, he got himself a vinyl press and was able to have his singles recorded and released. This, of course, meant that he had to produce all his singles one by one (there was no way of making more than one copy at a time). So, we are amazed to find out that no two identically recorded songs by this musician exist in the world (no need to mention that they are all live recordings)??
Not only was this weirdo the oldest among one-man bands, but he was also the best. Bob Log III and BBQ, who are leading figures in this form of rock music, only had good things to say about this forever-tipsy and bulky man.
When Bob Log III was in a visit to SERBIA-MONTENEGRO last year, we often talked about Hasil. Bob would describe his wild live shows with the utmost enthusiasm, adding that he was beating the cymbals with his fists („no matter how drunk he was, he could play more powerfully and much longer than any of us“). This rockabilly country’n’western weirdo left a handful of songs behind him, most of which were about things like chicken, girls whose heads he would threat to cut off on their first date, sex, hot dogs, etc.
Hasil owes a lot to Ivy and Lux from The Cramps, who prevented his work and talent from sinking into oblivion. Not only have they made a cover version of his hit single „SHE SAID“, but they also included the original version on their first compilation „Born Bad“, thus giving Hasil Adkins’s name a chance not to be unjustly obliterated from rock’n’roll history books.