Changed Times- Interview with Darko DZAMBASOV

by Vladimir Panika

DARKO is musician and a programme editor of Akademija night club in Belgrade. I MET HIM IN THE STREET:
- DARKO, who can you recommend for a new web magazine, called Art AROUND Belgrade? I want to present artists.
- I know an artist who made a huge submarine as a tribute to 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea.
- But DARKO, it sounds too attractive, are you sure it is the quality?
- It is; CONSIDERING THE CONDITIONS IN WHICH OUR ARTIST WORK and all the local problems, it is a success.
- Are there any creative artists WHO ORGANIZE PARTIES, some DJ’s or CONCERT ORGANIZERS who attract attention with their artistic work?
- NO! There are people who routinely organize concerts, bring in foreign bands, but THAT's NOT WHAT YOU' re ASKING FOR!
- And what about DJ’s who ACT AS AUTHORS in the realization of club parties?
- But DARKO, back in the nineties you used to organize CONCERTS OF DEMO-BANDS in the Catacomb!? IS THERE SOMEONE TODAY who does the same thing?
-NO! That was seven years ago, the times have changed, YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND! There are day by day club events AND THAT's IT. As if you and I spoke different languages, it seems we cannot understand each other!