October in August&September

From: manik
Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 03:52:48 PM
To: list@rhizome.org

"October Art Salon" in Belgrade,most important review of recent Serbian art,dedicate to 20-th October- Belgrade's liberation day of Fascism,last year become international,moved on and exchanged in 11.September.Everything is possible and allow!Everything could be replaced and renamed.Presence of a few famous artists:Kabakov, Boltansky,Abramovic...and number of native artists were confirm this significant Idea.Open minded art photographer and freezer repair man Dragan Petrovic was confused:If October could be September,why handyman couldn't be The Artist?
Provoke by established and forced Great current topics applicable on Balkan and whole world(terrorism,democracy,guilt...)he avoid official curatorial selection and invade his new identity on opening ceremony.Dressed in workers clothing he remind careless people which standing next to dazzling Desire materialized in plentiful produced art works on terrible rest of working class.Correct expression for this resistance is plebeian individualism,not stupid populism,always pantomimic,cunning,always cautious;this is life full of amazement,without authority and subordination.This performance attract attention of public medium and encourage him to participate in "August Salon"(SKC Gallery,Belgrade,October 2004).His work there was performance-open repairing freezer